Smile Design Application

Smile design is the procedure of applying dental design and dental alignment on the patient by the “Cosmetic Dentists” based on their anatomic, physical, and characteristic features. Smile design can be conducted via dental laminates, emax dentals, porcelain teeth, complete
dentures, implants, gingival arrangements and even orthodontics. To be brief, Smile Design
includes all the dental treatments.

“Smile Design Algorithm”

“Smile Design Algorithm” is a smile design method developed by Dentist Sevgin Şen. In this
patent-pending smile design algorithm system; certain data (such as the position of the
patient’s pupils, the face type of the patient determined based on the face analysis, the
occupational group the patient belongs to, personality traits of the patient) is entered into the
software we have developed. As a result of these data input, the algorithm implements the
ready-made denture designs, which have been prepared based on scientific methods, on the
image. For instance, for a patient who works as a manager, the software creates a smile design
which is angular and which has sharp canine teeth to present a more authoritative look. Not
only does smile design algorithm helps both dentists and dental technicians save time, but it
also enables the creation of personalized smile designs.

Smile Designer App Software

Smile Designer App software is an online smile design application. With this application,
which was developed for dentists, “Smile Design Algorithm” method was coded in a way to
be fast, to be user-friendly and to be practical. The application aims to produce results for the
dentists which are guiding and visually informative in the smile design planning and
production stages.